Blanket Storage Ideas

Blanket Storage Ideas You Need to Try Out

You can never have too many throw blankets, but that’s only applicable if you are organized with them. Disorderly draping or having them lying around the house is seriously not a great look. If you have a sizeable blanket collection, some storage solutions will help you keep them neatly while adding to the aesthetic value of your space.

Effective Blanket Storage Ideas

In this guide, we will show you a few blanket storage ideas to free you from the rein of the throws and keep your space uncluttered.

Woven and Wicker Baskets and Bins

Lightweight and naturally decorative, storage bins, baskets, and hampers made of wicker are perfect to store your blankets. You can also arrange your throw pillows in there. The best part about these bins is that you can customize the way your blankets stay on them.

Keep them folded, loosely draped, or tightly rolled depending on your personal style. Wicker baskets can be found in a variety of sizes to meet your storage needs but we suggest combining sizes and patterns to truly boost the visual impact.

Storage Trunk

When you don’t want to display the blankets or the blankets in question are somewhat thick, consider keeping them inside a bigger storage unit. A storage trunk is perfect for that. Storage trunks will often feature pleasant vintage accents, like leather buckles, antique handles, or typographic.

Finding the right storage trunk for your home adds a unique beautification factor that you wouldn’t find from glass shelves and cabinets. And the fact that it’s so practical makes it even better.

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Blanket Ladder

Mixing style and functionality into one long solution, the blanket ladder fits well with a variety of home interiors. Ranging from art deco to contemporary styles, there’s a blanket ladder for every inspiration. These stylish ladders stand against a wall. The blankets are hung on the many rungs.

Blanket ladders are great for displaying your favorite throw blankets. Available in many sizes and wood tones, this interesting blanket storage idea isn’t limited by capacity or style. No matter how you like your space, there’s a blanket ladder to match your taste.

Storage Ottoman

If you want to keep the blankets out of sight, there’s a decorative way of doing that. Furnish the room with an ottoman that also does the job of a trunk. Deceptive in size, these subtle pieces of furniture hide adequate storage space inside.

Storage ottomans are generally more decorative and compact. On the other hand, storage benches feature more storage capacity. 

Quilt Racks

You can’t go wrong with the traditional alternative to the blanket ladder. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a quilt rack if you’re using a blanket ladder – just be careful of the placement and design. Quilt racks are good when you want to keep the blankets nearby.

Moreover, if you have kids or pets who are too inquisitive about the piece and try to knock it over, quick racks are self-supporting to prevent that. In comparison to the more contemporary blanket ladders, quilt racks are charmingly vintage.

Wall Hooks

The time-tested solution for storage of a variety of textiles, wall hooks are convenient and simple. On their own, individual wall hooks wouldn’t be able to offer great storage capacity. But since they’re so compact, multiple wall hooks can be installed in one small zone.

Plus, they can be installed pretty much everywhere. Depending on whether you want your blankets to be on display or not, you can install them around the space. 

Wire Storage Baskets

Is the wicker basket a bit too traditional for you? The wire storage basket is a modern alternative. Just as decorative and functional as the wicker counterparts, wire storage bins feature a more modern and industrial appearance. And since they’re see-through, you can stack your stylish throws in there to flaunt them.

Storage Bins

By storage bins, we meant the rolling storage units that fit below a bed. Bedroom storage units might not be enough to accommodate all the blankets you have. In comes a storage bin that sits snugly under the bed and helps keep the entire room spick and span.

This is an option to consider if you’re running low on floor space. Find these in more decorative or functional options. Looking for the former? A galvanized bin will be good. Need the latter? Latching plastic bins or vacuum-seal storage units are made for that.

Bottom Line

Which of these blanket storage ideas was your favorite? You can choose from a wide range of options based on whether you want to showcase your blanket collection or store it away for the chilly winter.

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