Hat Storage Ideas

13 Genius Hat Storage Ideas

No matter how big of a Marie Kondo you claim to be, there will always be that one section of vanity in your life that you can’t give up on. It needs its own space in your home – no matter how small. Some people prefer shoes, others like jewelry or perfumes, and some couldn’t live without their orchid pots (the world is crazy and we love it!)

If hats are your choice of accessories no matter what the occasion, this is for you!

13 Genius Hat Storage Ideas that You Can Try!

Not only does a hat complete an outfit, but it can also shield you from the scorching sun or blistering cold. Mixing them up arbitrarily could damage their shape. Take a look at these fun, creative hat storage ideas.

1. Dress hanger and hooks

This might be the simplest setup for organizing hats. Simply use a clothes hanger and hook. If you don’t have much space to dedicate to the storage of your hats, this idea will work wonders.

2. Hanging compartments 

The usual way of storing caps and hats is by hanging them on a rack or hook, but this could also be very effective in storing baseball caps. You can organize them by brand, color, or use to make the choice easier when you’re getting ready. One hat can be accommodated into one compartment at a time, making it clutter-free.

3. Accent walls

Unique and colorful hats should be flaunted. After all, these are the crown jewels of your collection. An accent wall is the perfect way to display your precious possessions and they also create interesting decor for your space. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

4. Clip & copper tube

Consider this hat storage idea when there’s not enough space in the cabinet or displaying space on the wall. In addition to hats, you can also put up photographs.

5. Layering

Optimize space with this nifty hack! The space behind doors is often ignored but this can be a great place to position hat hangers. A bath towel rod holds enough space to accommodate many caps and hats. The normal hooks secure the hats properly yet stay accessible to anyone who wants to grab one.

6. Inside drawers

Some people don’t want to display their hats for cleanliness and minimalism purposes. If that’s the case with you, keep them organized in a drawer. This way, they are protected from dust and other pollutants that might affect the color vibrancy. 

7. Top of cabinets

No space behind the doors or on the walls? Have you checked the top of your cabinets? Any available space above cabinets works as a fine alternative. It will display your hats perfectly and become this unique place where everyone can sneak a peek at your collection.

8. Vertical display

The generic way of storing hats is horizontally but you could do it vertically as well. A big benefit here is that it will fit more hats in the limited space. Multi-colored hats would look absolutely stunning organized like this.

9. Hanging by the door

Space is a home is a luxury many of us can’t afford and that’s completely fine. Start with a basic hat storage unit or idea. Trust the conventional way and hang the hats on the back of your door. It’s super convenient and easy. Albeit very simple, the neatness and functionality offered by this idea are simply unparalleled.

10. Multipurpose display

Hat storage doesn’t need to display hats only. Other personal items can sit sharply on top of/beside hats and caps. Get creative and layer the jewelry with additional fancy items with your hats. We love this all-in-one approach!

11. Larger hooks

Ensuring the visibility of your hats from each angle is important if you plan on keeping everything upfront. However, small hooks on some hat storage only show the hat from one side. Get larger hooks to solve this issue.

12. Wire mesh and clips 

Coppers bars or wooden planks are the norms but a wire mesh is an innovative alternative we totally skipped over. The mesh offers adequate support and space for the hats and clips. Plus, it could work instead of copper bars and wood boards if that’s not your aesthetic.

13. Chained up 

Use a chain to supports your hats and clips, forming a flag or banderita of hats. This works extremely well for little walk-in cabinets or the corner of your room.

Bottom Line

Did you like our genius hat storage ideas? Hats are definitely one of the easiest items that bring attention to a person amidst a crowd. Keep them safe and protected from environmental damage by organizing everything. You can try one or multiple of these ideas.

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